Meet Your Therapist
Jason L. Fairweather

I started working with people over two decades ago and have since worked with people from all walks of life in a variety of areas, including other countries. Life experience has offered me dynamic personal and professional development, which I strive to draw from in my practice. 


I'm trained in many theories and modalities of group, family, and individual treatment, with several functional specializations and interests, including meditative therapy, breath-work, trauma and anxiety, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Cognitive Processing Therapy, brainspotting, and neurofeedback. However, my approach is psychodynamic. I'm not simply an "Adlerian Practitioner" or a "CPT specialist" or "EMDR-trained," as I rarely apply a single approach with any one client; I use whatever therapeutic modalities you feel comfortable with and I feel will yield the most beneficial treatment outcomes for you, as well as what works in your specific situation when applied to your specific problem(s).


My other philosophy is that no one should go underserved or unserved; part of my mission in my practice is to make professional, dynamic treatment as affordable and accessible as possible to anyone in need.