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I do not currently bill insurance. My practice is private-practice, private-pay.


My philosophy in serving our community is that no one should go unserved or underserved, and I have no interest in making as much money as possible by billing insurance.


One of my biggest issues with insurance is with changes to insurance coverage for so many people throughout the United States, many people put off getting care because they haven't met their deductible and their co-insurance and co-pays are wildly expensive. 

Inasmuch, my fee scale ranges from $50 per session to $90 per session, depending on the service(s). I do accept flex spend and HSA payment methods.


My basic fee schedule is below: 

Individual Intake and Assessment (60 minutes): $75

Individual Psychotherapy Session (45-60 minutes): $50

Family or Couples Intake and Assessment (60-90 minutes): $90

Family or Couples Session (45-60 minutes): $75

I do offer a sliding fee scale for certain cases, as applicable. 

Because finding a good therapist you connect or match with is much like an interview process--you're interviewing me to see if I'm a good fit, and I'm assessing you to see how I can help--I offer a free consultation. So, if you're thinking about taking that step, please do reach out. Feel free to email, text, call, or submit the form through this site

I will be happy to give you the time in a consultation to see how I can help and if you feel I might be a good match for you. 

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